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Eleanor Stribling


Hello! My name is Eleanor, and I am a product manager and sometimes developer with 7+ years'​ experience as a senior member of startup teams in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I'm a strong generalist PM who loves steep learning curves, especially technical ones. My experience spans the ad tech/mar tech, non-profit, pension fund management and energy industries, and both the public and private sectors.

Growing companies have benefitted from my help with identifying product market fit, translating pain points into scalable products and features, building client relationships, and leading teams.

I'm a graduate of MIT (MBA) and the University of Toronto (BA) where I studied business and social science, and bring technical expertise in web app development as an avid programmer (and Pythonista) in my spare time.

  • 2006-2008


    After spending two years in the wonderland of learning at MIT, I graduated with my MBA from MIT Sloan after writing a graduate thesis on targeted digital advertising, and spending a summer interning in media strategy at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. I also worked as a reasearcher with MIT's Convergence Culture Consortium, where my focus was on media metrics and valuing fan activities.

  • Boston


    Boston & Compete

    After grad school I joined Compete (later acquired by comScore) on providing quantitative market data to Fortune 50 companies in the entertainment and wireless space as a Senior Associate. I got to design research for custom and general benchmarking projects and worked with data scientists and analysts on interpreting survey and clickstream data.

  • 2009-2014

    Bay Area and TubeMogul

    In the fall of 2009, I moved to San Francisco and started working at TubeMogul - an advertising software platform company where I officially became employee #17. As the Director of Client Services and Research, I grew the Customer Success team to 5 people. In 2012, I transitioned to product as the company raised its Series C and positioned itself to IPO with a SaaS offering. As a Senior Director then a VP, I lead development of UX & analytics improvements on the platform and major features with a lot of data, ad serving, and real time bidding elements, including private inventory management, surveys, custom reports, and viewability analytics.

  • 2014-2015

    IPO & Coding Sabbatical

    After TubeMogul's IPO in July 2014, I started looking for new challenges and left that December to take some time to explore the technical side of product management and learning to make my own software. After going through a coding bootcamp, I spent a few months learning and building, which I still do in my spare time.

  • Talking about my poster at PyCon


    More startups, more code

    In late 2015, joined Kevala, a company building a decision making platform for the energy industry, to lead product and, given the early stage and tiny size, serve as a UX designer & developer. In this period, I completed my first speaking engagements on technical topics at DjangoCon US (2016) and PyCon (2017) while hacking on multiple side projects. I left Kevala at the end of May 2017, and am looking for a new role where I can solve complex technical and human problems with software.

  • whatever


Here's what I bring to the table.

Product Management

My approach, derived in part from my years in client service and research jobs with a dash of sales, is to start with a user and their challenges and translate their input into features.


Building things has made me a better product manager, with the added bonus that I can work through implementation and architecture questions, build prototypes, even write some production code if the need arises.
Favorite languages and tools are Python, Javascript, Django, Postgres, nltk, ChartJS, Bootstrap & Heroku.

User Experience Design

UX to me encompasses both the flow and design of the software itself and the overall customer experience. I want to build products and companies that are enjoyable to be around.


Selection of side projects, sample product work & conference talks.
Check out my blog, Agatha, for samples of my technical writing.

Gothic Colors

Digital humanities project + PyCon talk

Your Portfolio as a Product

Workshop - Codeland 2017

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DjangoConUS 2016 Presentation

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